The ultimate goal of the College Preparatory Program is to acclimate international students to American college study. By focusing on the skills needed to succeed in such an environment, the College Prep Program serves as an ideal gateway for students intending to pursue a higher education in English.

College Prep Class Websites

Many College Prep classes have their own websites where instructors post syllabi and other resources. Contact us or the instructor for a syllabus or more information.

CP Program

Allows students to develop the English and academic skills necessary to enter the Liberal Arts program. Each level introduces an essential academic topic.

CP1 (Introductory)

Foundations of the English language

CP2 (Elementary)

Foundations of World History

CP3 (Lower Intermediate)

Foundations of Sociology

CP4 (Upper Intermediate)

Foundations of Intercultural Communication

CP5 (Advanced)

Foundations of American Studies

Completion of CP Program

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