Vision Statement

To educate students to become enlightened global citizens who contribute to world peace.

Mission Statement

Hawaii Tokai International College (HTIC) is an international gateway for students interested in education bridging diverse international perspectives, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. HTIC graduates earn Associate in Arts degrees and emerge as lifelong learners who contribute positively to the world.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

1. Effective Communication Skills

Students read analytically, listen discerningly, and communicate clearly, effectively, and creatively in both written and oral forms in a manner appropriate to the audience, situation, and context.

2. Global Citizenship

Students demonstrate a sense of awareness beyond the self that includes an appreciation of diversity and multilingualism. Students also practice cooperation, ethical behavior, and other behaviors that contribute to global understanding and peace.

3. Intellectual and Practical Skills

Students demonstrate intellectual and practical skills in different contexts and fields, interpreting and offering reasoned situations to problems encountered both in the classroom and beyond. Students conduct quantitative and scientific analyses, and evaluate reasoning, claims, or information. Students also demonstrate creativity and an informed appreciation of the arts.

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