Welcome to Hawaii Tokai International College!

In choosing Hawaii Tokai International College (HTIC), you have selected to attend a college whose mission is to be “an international gateway for students interested in education bridging diverse international perspectives, especially in the Asia-Pacific region” (from HTIC’s mission statement, rev. 2013).

As a student at HTIC, you will work with faculty and staff whose focus is to help you hone your intellectual and social skills to ensure that you become productive and competent citizens, locally and globally. Together with your classmates, you will explore a range of subjects in small, interactive classes that engage you in your learning through discussions, individual and group projects, readings, writings, and presentations. When combined with our “classroom without walls” philosophy that encourages field trips to complement classroom learning, your experiences at HTIC will enable you to learn as much about yourself as you do about the subjects you study. We believe that your time in HTIC’s liberal arts program should be a transformative experience that is a gateway to a future full of possibilities!

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to be a lifelong learner capable of competently navigating through life’s complexities as you contribute to society in positive ways.

As chancellor, I look forward to getting to know each student during his or her time at HTIC. “E komo mai”* — my door is always open to all members of the HTIC learning community.




Naoto Yoshikawa, Ph.D.


*E komo mai – Hawaiian phrase meaning welcome.

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